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The FormulaSPEED racing car is custom built to YOUR order, form fit to YOUR body, and is FASTER on a road course than any exotic car in the world. Does that sound like something you’d be interested in? 


About the FormulaSPEED Concept

The FormulaSPEED combines cutting edge design with the highest levels of driver safety. The cars are exceptionally fast, yet easy to drive benefiting from their ground-up purposeful design. The cars feature world best practice engineering and highest quality components all combining to deliver fast, safe and reliable levels of performance.

The 2016 GEN2 FormulaSPEED

Redesigned for the 2016 season, the GEN2 FormulaSPEED puts the emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency and high performance.  These parts were added or improved on in the GEN2 update:

  • Improved mapping, exhaust, and power updates
  • Completely redesigned nose, side-pods, engine cover and wings
  • Improved cockpit head surround protection and frontal impact structure
  • One piece made in the USA machined Aluminum wheels

Major  Design Partners:


Built with a focus on safety.

The FormulaSPEED was designed to embrace contemporary technology and to provide optimum safety and affordability.

It features an advanced spaceframe chassis enveloped in Kevlar. When designed the driver safety cell was built to be compliant with the European FIA Article 277 chassis standards, and exceed the strictest safety requirements for the Formula Atlantic class in North America.

In 2011 the SCCA approved the FormulaSPEED for competition in the Formula Atlantic class. 

200HP in a thousand pound rocket. Hold on tight...

The 2.0 Liter MAZDASPEED MZR features a forged crank and rods, all aluminum construction, a bespoke aluminum intake with individual inlet runners and trumpets. The exhaust is an all stainless steel Tri-y header with stainless Phase9 sound damper.

The engine mapping is controlled by a Cosworth Pectel SQ6 with variable valve timing,  fly-by-wire throttle, and no lift shifting strategies.

We partnered with the best in the business, on purpose.

Designed and built by motorsport engineering firm Fast Forward Components, the FormulaSPEED chassis was designed using the latest in CAD Design and Finite Element Testing (FEA). It is constructed of a 4130 Chromium-molybdenum spaceframe inside of Kevlar protection panels.

FEA was used to calculate stresses and displacements of parts and assemblies under internal and external loads to optimize and validate each individual part, and then complete assemblies. The end result being the highest possible levels of safety and performance.

Fast Forward is an icon of the motorsports industry and has made parts for many successful racecars including Swift, Van Diemen, Lola, Reynard, Carbir, Tatus, and Ralt. Fast Forward is also the manufacturer of Piper Race Cars.

What if I like to tinker?

The FormulaSPEED does offer many of the same adjustments that you would find in GP2, GP3, Formula 3, Pro Mazda Championship, Indy Lights, and most other junior open wheel classes. This is what is adjustable:
  • Front dampers - rebound & compression
  • Rear dampers - rebound & compression
  • Adjustable front anti roll bar
  • Rear spring pre-load
  • Adjustable rear anti roll bar
  • Front spring pre-load
  • Ride height
  • Rake
  • Camber
  • Toe
  • Caster
  • Front wing flap angles
  • Rear upper wing flap angle
  • Rear lower wing angle
  • Brake Bias (cockpit adjustable)

Not too many people ever get their hands on one of these.

The Aim EVO4 with steering wheel display allows the driver to stay aware of everything that is happening with the car on track, communicate with the team, and keep track of lap times.

With five fully configurable analog channels, integrated GPS module and tri-axial accelerometer the system logs all the important data for review after the session is over.

It might be a big "shift" from what you've driven

The transaxle in the FormulaSPEED is a custom designed Hewland FTR 6 speed sequential racing transaxle. This is the same type of unit found in the US Pro Mazda Championship and European Formula 3.

The FormulaSPEED FTR has a no-lift shift feature, and because it was designed for an engine with 300+ HP it is bulletproof, and requires less servicing than is normally expected for a racing car of this level of performance.

Additional details...

  • Weight: 1325 with driver
  • Steering: rack and pinion unit with quick release steering wheel
  • Brakes: Aluminum Wilwood calipers, floating discs, and cockpit adjustable brake bias
  • Designed to fit drivers up to 6" 5"
  • Aerodynamics - Adjustable multi-element front, and dual element adjustable rear wing.
  • Tires - The FormulaSPEED was designed around the fast and affordable Goodyear Formula Eagle racing tire.
  • Custom MAZDASPEED racing clutch.
  • Aerodynamics - Adjustable multi-element front, and dual element adjustable rear wing.
  • Price: $89,000 complete - Build yours, and place order now...

Who drives a FormulaSPEED?

That's a great question.

The FormulaSPEED was designed as a car that would suit a serious racing hobbyist, while also being a car that would be an excellent training machine for young up-and-coming racers.

In the series that the FormulaSPEED was designed for, racers have been as young as 15, and as old as 60+ with a median age of about 35. The car has also been driven and raced by males and females. Some drivers have started from ground zero, with no background in racing and through comprehensive training been competitive in a very short period of time. If a FormulaSPEED is of interest to you, and it is in your budget we can help you GET ON TRACK!

Here is a look at what some of the career minded FormulaSPEED Alumni are up to:

  • Bucky Lasek - X-Games Champion Skateboarder - Global Rallycross (Featured in photo with original FormulaSPEED)
  • Jaden Conwright- 2016 Italian FIA F4
  • Tristan Vautier - IMSA Prototype and IndyCar Series Driver
  • Kyle Kaiser - IndyLights Race Winner
  • Michael Whelden - 2016 Mazda Prototypes
  • Lloyd Read - Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge - 2014 Indy Lights Driver
  • Jose Armida- Formula Lites and F2000
  • Parker Nicklin- Pro Mazda Championship

Official series website:

The FormulaSPEED was designed to compete in the Formula Car Challenge presented by Goodyear. The series was founded in 2005 to develop future motorsports teams, drivers, engineers and crew members. The series offers a platform in which costs can be carefully controlled, creating a level playing field for drivers.

The concept has been fully realized as multiple graduates have made it to IndyCar and other top level positions in motorsports. The Formula Car Challenge has graduated drivers into the highest levels of motorsports, and FCC Alumni have won some incredible races and championships around the world.

There is no “typical” person that competes in the series. Drivers have been as young as 13, and some of our drivers have won races well into their late 60s!
If we were going to categorize the people who compete with us it would be into two main groups; Career Minded Racer, and Pro-Am Racer.

The Pro-Am Racer
These drivers are VERY serious about racing. Many of them have already been successful in business, and now have the budget to pursue their passions. Typically these racers are 30-50 years old, although many have raced into their late 60s.

The CEO of GoPro, President of Tesla, and executives from Microsoft, Google, and other Silcon Valley groups have spent time racing in the Formula Car Challenge.
The Career Minded Racer
These drivers start young, and have a goal of making it to the top levels of motorsport. FCC Alumni are in IndyCar, IMSA, World Challenge, and many other series around the world.

The Formula Car Challenge is an Official Feeder Series to the Mazda Road to Indy, and is also included as part of the Mazda Road to 24 Driver Development program.

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